Global Warming: Yes We Can Solve It

Talking to speakers here at the Heartland Institute’s “2008 International Conference on Climate Change,” I’m finding they’re loosely sorted into three categories based on their views:

  1. Those who say global warming is not happening at all
  2. Those who say global warming is happening, but it’s not due to human activity
  3. Those who say global warming is happening and it is due to human activity, but climate action will surely destroy our economy

The one thing everyone here agrees on is that we must not do anything to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. Quite convenient for the oil industry, which has provided major funding to the conference’s organizer. But it’s not exactly a positive, forward-looking message, is it?

Experts at the National Wildlife Federation have a different view. They tell us the best climate scientists in the world not only believe global warming is happening and it’s due to human activity, but that there’s a way to curb its worst effects before it’s too late. In fact, they believe it’s inaction that’s the biggest risk.

It’s called the 2% Solution. It provides a safe, sensible path to reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2050, the amount scientists say is needed to avoid the most devastating impacts of global warming. Along the way, many of the same solutions that will ease our planet’s fever — renewable energy, more efficient vehicles, green homes and offices — will create millions of green collar jobs, make America more energy independent, and clean our air and water.

With prices at the pump expected to push towards $4 a gallon this summer, it’s a solution whose time has come.