Rally at Capitol Hill in Support of the Climate Security Act

NWF   |   June 2, 2008

_mg_7610_2 Today businesses, labor, faith, sportsmen and environmental organizations came together and had a rally next to the Capitol building in support of the Climate Security Act. Several senators spoke to the crowd and media about the importance of passing the bill and how it will reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming, create new jobs and protect our natural resources. Co-sponsors Senator Lieberman (I-CT) and Senator Boxers (D-CA) led other senators in warning about opponents of the bill trying to distract the public on claims the Climate Security Act would hurt the economy. This will be a tough battle, so we should heed the senators’ warnings and get the facts and move this bill forward._mg_7581_2

Check out NWF’s document, “Climate Security Act: Recharging America’s Economy” (PDF)

Special guest speakers from the National Wildlife Federation included sportsmen and TV host Tony Dean and Leilani Munter, race car driver, stunt double and environmentalist.

_mg_7680 Today the bill was voted on 74-14 on motion to proceed to debate on the Climate Security Act S. 3036. Right now it’s important for all of us to call our senators and tell them to support the Climate Security Act. To learn more go to www.nwf.org/climateaction and see more photos and information on how to take action._mg_7691

David Pierpont
Online Advocacy Manager
National Wildlife Federation

Published: June 2, 2008