Create a Wiki, Go Green For a Year!

onemillionthsiteWetpaint, one of the most respected Wiki hosting sites, is offering an awesome, green reward for it’s one millionth site creator.

For those of you who haven’t created a wiki site for something you love, I highly recommend you do so because you could win something that would benefit both you and the earth!

Check out what the is giving away:

“Wetpaint will reward the one-millionth site creator with the chance to give back to their community and the planet!

For one year, Wetpaint will offset the carbon emissions of both the home and car of the millionth site creator. Additionally, Wetpaint will sponsor the carbon offset of a local school or non-profit organization selected by the lucky millionth site creator.

Taking it one step further: if the millionth site is created as a referral generated by an email or website, Wetpaint will offer up the same thank-you package to the referrer!”

For those of you who haven’t yet created a wiki, it’s a neat way to collaborate with others who share your interest!~ NWF has created a  wiki and would love to see what issues you guys care about! Whether it’s wildlife activism or endangered species conservation, let us know!

Published: July 1, 2008