NWF Goes to Denver: Democratic Convention

NWF   |   August 26, 2008

Lineforcredentialsco2008 I’m writing this message message from blackberry while standing in line to pick up credentials for staff…

The National Wildlife Federation has sent staff to Denver, CO to participate in the Democratic Convention. The goal is to talk about our mission to protect wildlife and confront global warming. Larry Schweiger, President and CEO of NWF met today with the Vermont Delegations and plans to meet with other state delegation in the next couple of days.

Larrynwfactionfundco2008_4 Last night NWF’s sister organization NWF Action Fund had a reception and fundraiser in Loveland, CO. Larry Schweiger and Sue Brown, Executive Director of the 501c4 Action Fund talked with local conservation supporters on the importance to vote for candidates that will support legislation that will confront global warming and bring about a change in energy policy towards clean energy and green jobs. Important questions were raisedLarrysueco2008  about the administrations push for drilling on public lands and offshore. Larry explained that more drilling will hurt precious wildlife habitat and not provide any substantial change in prices at the pump or help move America towards a cleaner energy solution.

To learn more about NWF Action Fund visit www.NWFactionfund.org

Freebikesco2008 The Denver and the DNC have put together some interesting eco-friendly themes including, free rental bikes, free downtown busing with hybrid electric busses, maps of walking tours and several green events and vendors. The press corps goodie bag was filled with several pieces of information about green organizations and initatives in Denver and nationally.

Check out this video on the rental bikes.

Ok about to pick up credentials. I will be posting so stay tuned in.

David T. Pierpont
Online Advocacy Manager

Published: August 26, 2008