Danielle’s Good Neighbor of the Week: James Towner

James TownerSome of you may remember my post asking people “Will You Be My Good Neighbor?” Well, so far we are off to a fantastic start! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing neighbors who inspire me and others by doing wonderful things to help the earth (and wildlife!). Over the next few weeks I’ll be interviewing my good neighbors and giving you ways people are making a difference. If you have some you’d like to share with me, feel free to email me at brigidad [@] nwf.org.

James Towner, the green blogger who started  AZSustainability, tells us a little bit about why he joined the “good neighborhood” and tells us why he does the incredible stuff he’s doing.

What inspired you to start your blog and “go green”?

Growing up in the mountains of Colorado I was exposed to the beauty and wonders of nature a lot as a kid so I was brought up with an appreciation for our natural environment.  What kick started my interest into action as an adult was initially an interest in biofuels.  After buying a VW TDI and making a couple small batches of home brewed biodiesel I became a part of the TDI Community and we started talking about these kinds of things.  We built an online community specifically to talk about our cars and fuel as well as meeting in person periodically. Eventually I wanted an outlet for my other environmental interests that would inform other local folks, along came AzSustainability.


Have you ever helped a friend make environmentally friendly choices?

I try to encourage friends to make environmentally friendly choices like maybe suggesting a more fuel efficient car if they are car shopping or even buying something reusable instead of disposable. I also hope that I’m helping others make better choices with my blog.

Part of being a good neighbor, is being good to everything around you. Please name a time you’ve felt truly connected to your community.

I feel better connected when I meet people at our community supported
, and at events like the Green Summit, and especially when I can get together with small groups such as our local TDI car club.

What do you think a good neighbor entails?

Listening to what others in the neighborhood are saying even if you don’t agree, going out and doing good things instead of just thinking about it, recognizing a need and filling it.

So keep a look out for James Towner — he’s a rock star of the green world. If you talk to him on October 23rd, make sure to wish him a happy birthday! Thank you James for all you have done.

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Published: October 16, 2008