Highlight of the Week: Poll Finds Public Supports Clean Energy Legislation

A new Zogby poll finds that a significant majority of likely voters supports the American Clean Energy and Security Act, recently passed in the House.

The poll, commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation, found that a majority of respondents supported Senate action on a clean energy economy, and more than half felt a concerted effort to curb global warming and create a clean energy economy would create more jobs.

According to Zogby International Research Analyst Sam Rodgers, the results show that interest in a strong clean energy economy has not abated in the months since President Obama’s election. "Clearly, voters strongly favor the ideas outlined in the bill. Support for action on clean energy and energy efficiency was strong coming out of the election, and it is still strong today,” Rodgers said.

When asked how a vote in favor of the bill by their congressman would affect their opinion of them, most responded that the vote would result in a favorable or neutral view. This stood in stark contrast to recent claims that supporting clean energy legislation would require great political sacrifice.

"Most voters would view their member of Congress more favorably or would not have their opinion impacted either way by a "yes" vote," said Rodgers. "This survey shows clear movement in favor of Congress taking greater action on global warming and most Americans believe this legislation would give a much-need boost to the American job market in this down economy."

The positive findings weren’t restricted to one group. Favorable views of legislation were high across all age groups, income levels, and political affiliations: 45% of Republicans polled indicated a favorable view of the bill along with 73% of Independents and 89% of Democrats.

Published: August 19, 2009