International Youth Leaders: Make Enviro Education Mandatory


The United Nations Environment Program is currently hosting the Tunza International Children and Youth Conference in South Korea, the biggest-ever youth gathering on global warming.

The title “tunza” is a Swahili word meaning “to treat with care of affection.” This word speaks well to the voices of the 800 children and youth in attendance—our governments are not doing enough to combat global warming, but we have the power to respect and preserve life on earth.

The young leaders representing 110 countries are meeting this week to discuss their concerns ahead of the U.N.’s Copenhagen climate conference in December. One goal of the young leaders is reinforcing the urgency of environmental education and training across the world.

“Make engaging environmental education mandatory in schools and universities and promote community environmental awareness—an informed public is a powerful public,” the attendees said in a statement.

Learn about the event at the Tunza International Children and Youth Conference website.