Migratory Birds August is waning and school is about to start.  Even though it’s technically still summer for another whole month, fall migration is already beginning for some species.

The change of seasons is an important influence on animal behavior. Whether it’s the hot season turning cold or the dry season turning wet, wildlife has to adapt to survive. One strategy is migration. Songbirds, waterfowl, raptors and hummingbirds travel north and south each year, some as far as the tropicsCaribou and pronghorn shift their range based on the season to ensure access to food.  Even insects such as monarch butterflies and green darner dragonflies travel great distances to survive the oncoming winter.

One of the greatest things about fall migration is that it offers some pretty awesome wildlife watching opportunities.  Get outside this fall and see what migratory species you can spot.  You can report your sightings on National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Watch website, on Twitter or even using your iPhone.

There’s no excuse to stay indoors and not experience wildlife this fall!  In the meantime, watch this video about one of the species that has already begun migration, the ruby-throated hummingbird.