New Facebook Application Will Let You “Friend” A Mountain Gorilla (For Real)

Who would have thought you would ever “friend” a gorilla?

AFP reports:

Gorillas“Users of the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter will be able to “befriend” rare Ugandan mountain gorillas and track their movements, a Wildlife Authority spokeswoman said Monday.

In a scheme designed to promote Uganda’s nascent tourism industry, users will receive regular updates about their endangered primate friends, Lillian Nsubuga told AFP.

‘Through geo-tracking and GPS, you’ll be able to get information about new births within the family and other information,’ she said, referring to a programme that will launch online next month.

Wildlife officials also plan to install cameras around Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, home to roughly half of the world’s estimated 740 mountain gorillas, one of most endangered species on the planet.”  See full article.