New Momentum for Clean Energy & Climate Action

Just got back from the big event on the East Lawn of the Capitol to unveil the Senate’s Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act! Here’s what Joe Mendelson, NWF’s global warming policy director, had to say about the bill:

This legislation combines strong emission reduction goals with economic safeguards to protect all regions of the nation. It invests in protecting our natural resources from the impacts of global warming while protecting the integrity of the Clean Air Act.

But like a cornered animal, we can expect Big Oil to fight its hardest in a last stand to protect the status quo – and if this summer’s forged letters scandal is any indication, we can expect polluters to fight dirty. These polluters will be pouring every drop of their energy into protecting their massive profits by trying to stall progress on clean energy, climate action and green jobs.

I also caught up with two key NWFers on the lawn during the event — Adam Kolton, NWF’s senior director of Congressional & federal affairs, and Doug Inkley, our senior scienist: