5 Tips to Stay Warm Outside In Winter

Outside playing with snow flurriesIt’s not bathing suit weather, but winter’s still a great season for outdoor fun. Be prepared!

1. Dress in Layers

Wear several layers of clothing and peel them off if you get too warm. The heat captured in between the layers keeps you toasty. (Hint: mittens are warmer than gloves, because fingers retain more heat when they touch each other.)

2. Stay Dry

Nothing chills you like wet skin. Your base layer should be made of a material that wicks sweat away from your body. Popular fabrics include polypropylene and silk. Your outermost layer should be water- and wind-proof.

3. Keep Head, Neck, Hands and Feet Toasty

Your extremities let off the most heat—so keep them wrapped with warm scarves, hats, mittens or gloves, and thick socks!

4. Bring a Backpack

As you and the kids get hot on a hike or while playing outside, make sure you have a backpack to store their clothes they’ll want to peel off. Or, you can clip or tie damp clothing outside your pack to help them dry). When you get to your destination, have everybody put a layer back on to stay warm when they are not moving.

5. Feet First

Especially for snowy or icy conditions, get good boots that the kids can take on and off easily.

And when you get back inside, make some hot chocolate to warm you up! You can even prepare it before your adventure and carry it in a thermos.

MYTH BUSTER: Has anyone ever told you that if you don’t bundle up, you’ll catch a cold? False! You don’t catch a cold by going outside in cold weather or from going outside with wet hair. Viruses and bacteria cause colds and flu—spread by contact with infected people—not cold air.

Health risks of cold weather include hypothermia, which can be easily avoided if you dress smartly and use common sense. Have fun out there!