Al Gore – “We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change”

By Larry Schweiger

Take a look at Al Gore’s piece in yesterday’s The New York Times We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change. I found it to be an insightful, thoughtful piece on what has stymied our energy and climate progress to date and the economic and national consequences if we fail to move forward at this time. The timing of this piece is important since later this week Senators Graham, Kerry and Lieberman are expected to present energy and climate legislation for consideration that will put us on the path forward to enhance our national security, create economic opportunities and increase our energy independence.

The urgency of this moment is captured very well at the end of the piece:

“The pathway to success is still open, though it tracks the outer boundary of what we are capable of doing. It begins with a choice by the United States to pass a law establishing a cost for global warming pollution…

“We have overcome existential threats before. Winston Churchill is widely quoted as having said, ‘Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes, you must do what is required.’ Now is that time. Public officials must rise to this challenge by doing what is required; and the public must demand that they do so — or must replace them.”