NWF Takes a Closer, Creepy Look at “Climate Invaders!”

The National Wildlife Federation has released our latest report: They Came From Climate Change! This report highlights the species that will end up benefiting from climate change. However, these are species that make you shudder.

The species are the deer tick, fire ant, asian tiger mosquito, pine bark beetle, poison ivy, cheatgrass, salt cedar. These species not only cause the heebie-jeebies, but they also spread disease, destroy trees, fuel wildfires & more.

Watch the climate invaders trailer starring NWF’s own Derek Brockbank & Doug Inkley:


Spread the word about the climate invaders!

  • Read and spread the report and video located at NWF.org/invasion
  • Twitter – Copy and paste the following text into your tweet window: The Climate Invasion has Begun… http://bit.ly/a2Amm4 #climate #mosquito
  • Facebook – Become a “fan” of the Climate Invaders report on Facebook.

Finally, we need your help stop the invasion! This B-movie themed report is a light-hearted approach at a very serious issue. We need Congress to act now to stand up against these climate invaders. Ask your senators to pass strong climate and clean energy legislation today!

Posted by Maggie Germano