Let’s Commit to Tropical Forest Conservation

Photo Credit: Scott Liddell Tropical rainforests are diverse habitats that are home to half of the world’s plant and wildlife species, and protecting these forests is crucial to wildlife and to the health of the planet as well.

Specifically, deforestation (or clear cutting forests) is one of the largest contributors to the greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global warming.

The U.S. can step up now to lessen emissions and guard rainforests from further damage.

Communities in countries around the world know that clearing forests has negative effects, yet without financial help many communities can’t break away from the pressure to sell timber or cut down the trees to make way for agriculture.

During last year’s global climate summit, President Obama agreed to commit funds to help reverse deforestation in developing countries and to help them adapt to climate change, but the Obama administration needs support from Congress in order to work together with other dedicated countries to combat deforestation.

Congress needs to support this pledge and develop a strategy to protect forests.

With help from our lawmakers, we can guard and restore rainforests with their thriving wildlife populations while reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Please tell Congress to dedicate funds to stop the destruction of tropical forests.

By Kolleen Kawa, National Wildlife Federation