So many clean energy opportunities at our doorstep

By Larry J. Schweiger

I’m speaking this morning to a number of media outlets on how we need to oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline project that will cross six states and cover 2,000 miles, only to bring America dirty fuel from Canada.  As we’ve seen from the BP oil disaster, the last thing America needs is more dirty fuels.

As profoundly tragic as the BP spill has been, this tragedy has presented us with an important opportunity to mobilize the majority of Americans who don’t want more dirty fuels but instead want to hold polluters accountable and invest in clean, American energy.

I hope in President Obama’s speech tonight to the American people that he points us in the direction of a new energy path.  With so many clean energy opportunities at our doorstep, why would we want to increase our dependence on dirty fuels like the kind we would get from the Keystone XL Pipeline?