VIDEO – At Climate Talks, NWF Presses for Reduced Deforestation in Brazil

In the past decade, deforestation has accounted for over 50 percent of Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions and it’s the world’s third largest emitter of carbon.

Agriculture for things like cattle ranching and increasingly palm oil production have been the drivers for this calamity, and people like NWF’s Barbara Bramble are working to ensure an international climate treaty reduces deforestation.

Brazilian cattle ranching is incredibly carbon intensive, with a steak from a Brazil having a far higher carbon impact in contrast to a steak produced in the U.S. The same concept applies to leather. Meanwhile, demand for oils is increasing, as is the pressure to ramp up production in Brazil. 

Barbara works to get more sustainable production, and she and her colleagues have made great progress over the years. Deforestation is on a downward trajectory, and with progress at Cancun expected this week, more headway will be made to monitor forests and slaughterhouses, and ensure enforcement. 

Barbara took a few moments to talk about progress and concerns on these issues just before her ‘side event’ with scientists at the Cancun talks.  Video below.


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Published: December 9, 2010