VIDEO – BP Disaster Looms Over Climate Talks in Cancun

The well is capped but NWF President and CEO Larry Schweiger is pressing the case at the climate treaty talks in Cancun that fossil fuel extraction remains an inherently dangerous business.  The industry shows little interest in cleaning up its act and its up to us to turn tide, he says.

In a “side event” session with Gustavo Alanis-Ortega of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation of North America,  he told international attendees that the industry exerts tremendous power in Washington, and has used that power to avoid responsibility for its messes. He specifically referenced the $75 million cap on liability that Big Oil enjoys, which shields them from risk and gives them incentives to take bigger and bigger risks.

Larry and Gustavo told the audience that there’s one way out of this quandary, and it’s moving rapidly toward clean energy solutions that reduce our dependence on drilling.

In brief videos below, Larry and Gustavo give us a peek at the message they are taking to delegates here in Cancun.



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Published: December 7, 2010