If You Don’t Eat Your Veggies Stink Bugs Will


Photo: Doug Inkley, Ph.D.

Unlike scores of children around the globe, brown marmorated stink bugs don’t mind eating their veggies or yours. The invasive species is rather fond of broccoli and asparagus, some of the worst dinner time offenders. They also like soybeans, okra, corn and cotton. And probably some of your favorites, like apples, peaches and tomatoes!

National Wildlife Federation senior biologist Doug Inkley, Ph.D. recently found the little bugs in his garden after a harrowing wintertime home invasion. During the winter and spring, he collected more than 26,000 inside his home. Let that number sink in for a moment.

Photo: Doug Inkley, Ph.D.

Now that it’s warmer, the brown pests move from indoors into people’s gardens, orchards, vineyards and farms, ruining people’s fruits, vegetables, hard work and bottom lines. This last weekend alone Doug captured 1,000 stink bugs in his garden, many attacking his asparagus plants.

Farmers and gardeners may have found a new enemy in stink bugs, but little kids now have an unfortunate new ally in their war against veggies.