Let Nature Calm Your Economic Fears

Raven Rocks
Taking a break along the Appalachian Trail

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”
~John Burroughs

I watch WAY too much CNN. And with all this talk of debt ceiling deals and credit downgrades, the constant din of “breaking news” is stressing me out.

So, I go for a hike to clear my head. As I surrender myself to the cool comfort of the forest, my senses tune in to my surroundings. My eyes soak in the various shades of green and the sun peeking through the canopy. I feel the soft ground giving ever so slightly under the soles of my boots. I hear an industrious red-bellied woodpecker in the distance. I breathe in deeply to bathe my lungs in fresh air. Ahhhhhh…

What was I worrying about again?

Oh right, the economy. Well, this little walk in the woods isn’t costing me a dime. If anything, it might be saving me on future medical expenses. There’s scientific research from a variety of disciplines that now suggests that outdoor activities may have therapeutic benefits. (To learn more, read Take Two Hikes And Call Me In The Morning.) With my stress now replaced with a satisfying fatigue, that isn’t hard to believe.

So, no offense Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper. But today I’m listening to the comforting voice of Mother Nature.

Tips to experience the healing power of nature

1)    Get our Free Summer Guide – Spend quality time outside with your family with these creative games, activities, and health tips.

2)    Participate in Wildlife Watch – Let your senses come alive through this nationwide nature watching program.

3)    Create a Garden Sanctuary – Learn how easy it is to turn your garden into a haven for neighborhood birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

4)    Become a Volunteer – Enjoy the outdoors while you help it. Find opportunities to join NWF’s efforts to protect wildlife and habitat.

5)    Search Nature Find – Use this handy tool to find parks, outdoor spaces and events in your area to enjoy.

And, if you’re thinking it’s too hot to go outside in your neck of the woods, here are six great ways to have fun even when the mercury’s rising.