Update: Tar Sands Action Arrests postponed due to Hurricane, Michigan students staying on till Monday

381 people have been arrested at the Tar Sands Action in Washington D.C. since the massive civil disobedience event started last Saturday 8/20. This weekend, however, all civil disobedience will stop in respect for the state of emergency declared in the wake hurricane Irene.

It is clear that the Tar Sands Action participants aren’t going to let a hurricane stop them. This morning there was a rally in Lafayette Park (minus the civil disobedience) and there will also be an “Artists for Climate” event this evening. Sunday’s demonstration is cancelled “in the interests of safety, and out of respect for everyone dealing with the immediate effects of this monster storm”. The demonstrations are continuing as scheduled starting this Monday.

Four Michigan students arrived in D.C. last night ready to participate in the action this morning, ready to put their bodies on the line to send the serious message that the Keystone XL pipeline is not in our nation’s interest. While disappointed that the demonstrations would not be continuing as planned, the news of hurricane Irene only increased their determination. Thus, the decision to stay in D.C. until Monday to fully participate in the action was made.

The news of Hurricane Irene has deepened the commitment of others as well. “It does not escape our attention that storms of this size and character will be the new normal on a warmer planet”, says the Tar Sands Action weather update.

Please reach out to our Congressional leaders and demand that we protect communities, wildlife and our natural resources before rushing dangerous tar sands pipeline projects, like the Keystone XL.

Stay tuned for live updates from Monday’s action!