Over 1,000 Pounds of Pumpkin and 6 Pounds (approximate figure only) of Nachos

My vote for the prettiest state fair location in the nation

The Alaska State Fair is tiny compared to the Iowa State Fair that I grew up attending.   Happily, it is plenty big enough to eat yourself sick on funnel cakes, nachos and bright yellow cheese, cream puffs, and corn dogs.

It may also be in the prettiest spot of any state fair in the nation.  And the 20 hours of sunlight during the summer in Anchorage help farmers grow some enormous vegetables.

Whether or not you are gaping at giant vegetables in Alaska, State Fair nachos may be the best nachos of all, and for that we drove 60 minutes in the driving rain for a second trip to the fair solely for those nachos . . . and also a giant pretzel . . . and corn fritters with maple syrup . . .

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