5 Reasons Kids Should Enter Ranger Rick’s Photo Contest

Ranger Rick's Your Best Shot Photo Contest
Ranger Rick's gone digital!

Children are natural wildlife watchers. Last week, every time my 20-month-old son Nate walked out of our apartment building, he would emphatically blurt out something that sounded like “Bag-bag-bag!” Honestly, I was only slightly conscious of it for the first few days, my mind filled with the day’s appointments, deadlines, and other “grown-up” stuff.

Finally I actually took the time to look up while he did the “bag” chant. Sure enough, midway up a lamp post was an intricate spider web with a big black spider right in the center. It looked like an illustration from Charlotte’s Web. “Bug! That’s right, buddy — it’s a spider!”

He looked at me with an expression that said, “Try to keep up mom, I’ve been telling you this for days.”

Enter NowNate’s not ready for photography yet (we’re still mastering the basics, like not eating the rocks he finds in the playground), but those of you with older kids can encourage their inner-photobug by entering their pictures in the Ranger Rick’s “Your Best Shots” contest.

5 Reasons Your Child Should Enter the Contest

  1. Kids will un-glue their eyes from the TV/computer screen and actually get some fresh air.
  2. Your child’s work might get featured online or even in the actual Ranger Rick Magazine. 
  3. Kids get two free printable picture frames just for entering. (Preview frames at bottom of post.)
  4. It’s an easy answer to that all-too-familiar cry: “Mom! I’m BORED!”
  5. It’s free. (Seriously. FREE!)

The Gist:

Need Inspiration?

Check out previous winners below!

Last But Not Least … Vote for Your Favorite!

Everyone who enters the contest will get these printable Ranger Rick photo frames!

If your little one isn’t ready to become a photobug just yet, they can still vote for their favorite picture submitted by other children. You can vote for yourself, too, but only once!

Share your photo shoot stories on Ranger Rick’s Facebook Page. It’s just one way National Wildlife Federation is helping families to Be Out There.

Good Luck!