In just a few short weeks Campus Conservation Nationals will be kicking off the 2012 competition!

 Colleges and universities from across the country are gearing up to compete against each other to see who can reduce the most energy and conserve the most water.  There are over 150 campuses and 1700 buildings that will be participating.

Last year’s pilot competition campuses saved $50,200, 508,000 kilowatt-hours and 816,000 pounds of carbon from being released into the atmosphere.  And that was only 40 schools.  With almost four times the number of participating campuses, this year’s savings are bound to add up fast.  The goal for all schools combined is to reduce energy by an entire giga-watt!

 Last year students created videos highlighting how they were saving energy and what innovative strategies they were using to get the word out. Check them out and get ready for some more great videos and ideas this year.

If your campus is participating, sign up to be a dorm captain! You can take the lead in your dorm and encourage your fellow students to reduce their energy and water. Tell us some of your strategies—how are you getting the word out, do you have any cool events planned?  If your school missed the deadline to sign up, don’t worry!  Check back to see how this year’s competition is going and start thinking about signing up for next year.