Maryland Circle of Support for Offshore Wind


In just a few short days, legislators in Annapolis will likely vote to determine if we transition to clean, renewable offshore wind energy or if we maintain the status quo of burning fossil fuels that pollute our air and water, harm our health, and threaten wildlife and their habitats.  We have the opportunity to help jumpstart a vital new offshore wind power industry in Maryland. To win, we absolutely need your help!

Help Make History

You can help make history in Annapolis on Monday, April 2nd!  Please join me and hundreds of people like you from across the region as we form a circle of support around the Maryland state house to encourage lawmakers to embrace offshore wind power.  The 2012 legislative session ends on April 9th, so this is our last chance!

Maryland’s state house is the oldest state capitol in continuous use and over the last 240 years has been the site of countless policy debates and public demonstrations.  Yet, not even long-time activists and lawmakers can recall people coming together to form a full ring around the state house ever happening before.  It will take several hundred people.  We need your help to make the event a success and get the attention of the media and lawmakers.

Together, we can make the support for clean, offshore wind energy impossible to ignore.

Sign Up to Attend & Ride Free Buses to Annapolis

We’re going to make it super easy for you to get to Annapolis from around the state by chartering buses from Baltimore, Montgomery County and Prince George’s County. One 56-seat bus will be chartered from each area. Plus, riders get a free “Wind Works” t-shirt and healthy snacks for the trip! After completing this registration page, click on the link to reserve your seat!

Support Clean Offshore Wind to Protect Wildlife

Wildlife, including the loggerhead sea turtles that swim in the Atlantic Ocean, face an uncertain future due to the impacts of climate change. Saving loggerhead sea turtles from climate change requires a switch to clean energy–including offshore wind in the Atlantic.

Fight for sea turtles and other wildlife by helping build momentum and support for the rapid, responsible development of our offshore wind energy resources. 

Take Action

Join us in Annapolis on April 2nd to form a Circle of Support for Offshore Wind

If you live in Maryland, you can also contact your state representatives and let them know why you think wind works for Maryland.