Nature’s “Mirror Mirror”: 13 Spectacular Photos with Water Reflection

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

I don’t envy the judges of the 2012 National Wildlife® Photo Contest. Over the next few weeks, they’ll pour over thousands of beautiful photos to find the crème de la crème in seven categories.

To improve the odds that your photo will be selected as the “fairest of them all”, visit NWF’s Nature and Wildlife Photography Tips Center. Here you’ll find top photographers sharing advice on everything from getting a sharper photo to photographing wildlife through a window.

But first, enjoy these photos donated by past contest participants that use water to create nature’s mirror.



Photo: Dick Fortune
Photo: Bill Wilbanks
Photo: Carolyn Genirberg
Photo: Tsung Yao (T.Y.) Huang

































































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Photo: Eric LeFranc
Photo: Rick George
Photo: Greg Ochocki





























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Photo: Patrick Freeny
Photo: Mary Kay Finholt
Photo: Marie Sauter












































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Photo: Hazel Erikson
Photo: Steven Redmond
Photo: Phoenix Marks













































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