On May 18th – 19th 2012 NWF staff and Affiliates gathered for NWF’s 76th Annual Meeting at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepardstown, WV. This year there were some fresh faces in the crowd; 7 young professional conservation leaders from across the country came together to serve as the Emerging Leaders Delegation to this year’s Annual Meeting.

This years’ Annual Meeting Emerging Leader Delegation stemmed from NWF’s larger Emerging Leaders Engagement Initiative which was launched at last year’s 75th Annual Meeting with the Young Leaders Assembly. The goal for the Delegation this year was to have a smaller group of Emerging Leaders, who have an existing relationship with their state affiliate,  to more fully integrate them into the business of the Annual Meeting and adopt further leadership roles within their affiliates in the future.

2012 NWF Annual Meeting Emerging Leaders Delegation
At the meeting, the Emerging Leaders had the opportunity to meet with NWF’s Board Leadership Committee, give a presentation to the  Board, meet with NWF’s President and CEO Larry Schweiger and NWF’s Board Chair, Steve Allinger and engage in a question and answer session with all of the meeting participants during the closing session. They also participated in their regional roundtable discussions and observed NWF’s resolution process.

The Emerging Leaders Delegation this year were an impressive group of young leaders eager to continue forging their path in the conservation/environmental movement. They are full of energy and passion and we look forward to continuing to engage them in NWF’s important work.

Look for personal posts for our Emerging Leaders coming soon!