Get Ready to Cast Your Vote for Wildlife

Piping Plover
Hurricane Sandy destroyed crucial habitat for imperiled piping plovers. Photo: Richard Seeley
This Tuesday, November 6th is Election Day, and it’s up to us to show Big Polluters their money is no match for millions of Americans who have the power to elect leaders that will stand up and defend our wildlife and natural resources. If you have already voted, thank you! If you haven’t, here’s what you need to know before you head to the polls.

Ready, Set, Vote!

Voting for wildlife-friendly candidates is bigger than any one race on November 6th. It means looking at your ballot before you go to the polls, researching candidates’ positions on key issues for wildlife, and making sure you have a plan to vote in person on November 6th or by absentee ballot.

Green checkboxKnow Who and What You’re Voting For

Look at your ballot and compare candidates’ positions at
. You can take notes with you into the polls on which candidates and proposals you plan to vote for.

In addition to voting for pro-wildlife candidates, residents in a number of states will have the opportunity to vote for ballot initiatives that have potential to shape the future of our wildlife and wild places. For example, residents of Michigan can vote YES on proposal 3 to help more of the state’s energy come from renewable sources such as wind and solar.

Green checkboxKnow When and Where to Vote

Locate your polling place for voting and make a plan for what time you will vote on Nov. 6th.

Green checkboxHelp Pack the Polls

Studies have shown that people are more likely to vote if they hear that their friends and neighbors will be voting, too. So please encourage your friends and family to vote, and make sure they have rides to the polls!

Defeat Big Polluters at the Polls

This past July, I saw record fires blaze through communities near my home in Colorado and severe droughts leave local black bears desperate for food. And just last week, Hurricane Sandy devastated not only communities across the East Coast, but also wildlife–crossing more than one hundred National Wildlife Refuges and destroying crucial habitat for imperiled piping plovers and many more shorebirds.

Yet, as these record-breaking extreme weather events–all with clear links to climate change–become more and more common, the fossil fuel industry continues to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into attacking pro-environment candidates and pushing a reckless agenda that puts their profits before the safety of communities and wildlife.

By researching candidates’ positions and voting, people like us who care about wildlife and vote can fight back against Big Polluters whose reckless behavior is increasingly putting wildlife in harm’s way.

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Thanks for making your voice heard for wildlife this election!