Keep the holidays – and the rest of the year – happy for wildlife through giving

Pronghorns in Colorado’s North Park. Photo by Jack Dempsey.
In a quandary about what to get for your favorite pronghorn this holiday season? All out of gift ideas for that special herd of mule deer?

The National Wildlife Federation and its Colorado affiliate have just the thing. How about some secure sagebrush habitat or access to clean air and water? NWF and the Colorado Wildlife Federation are teaming up to raise money for the wildlife that makes our state and region a special place.

Donations made to NWF and CWF on December 4th, “Colorado Gives Day,” go even further because the more people give to an organization, the bigger the contribution from the Community First Foundation.

Colorado Gives Day is an initiative to increase philanthropy through online giving and is sponsored by Community First Foundation and FirstBank. It’s a chance to highlight the work we do in such iconic places as South Park and North Park in Colorado, both prized for their world-class fisheries, high-mountain valleys, elk, mule deer, pronghorn, bears and other animals.

Western Colorado’s Piceance Basin is home to some of the country’s largest mule deer and elk herds. The San Luis Valley in south-central Colorado is a key route for migrating sandhill cranes.

 “What better way to celebrate Colorado Gives Day than to contribute to something that makes Colorado so special—our wildlife,” said Ann Morgan, executive director of NWF’s Rocky Mountains and Prairies Region.


Greater sage-grouse. Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
The Colorado Wildlife Federation and NWF work together to advocate for wildlife when state and federal agencies consider whether to approve oil and gas drilling, logging, siting of wind and solar facilities and new management plans for public lands. Pronghorn and the greater sage-grouse are among the wildlife facing greater pressures from development, drought, wildfires and invasive species.

Donate on Tuesday, December 4th to keep pronghorns, sage grouse, Colorado cutthroat trout and numerous other wildlife home on the range…and in the mountains, rivers and streams.








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Published: December 4, 2012