Sen. Udall Talks Wildlife and Climate with Coloradoans

Updated on Wed., June 5th.

On Tuesday, the National Wildlife Federation hosted a Town Hall forum with special guest, Colorado U.S. Senator Mark Udall. I led the forum for Coloradoans to discuss with Senator Udall Colorado’s great outdoors, outstanding wildlife and some of the work being done by our Senior Senator in Congress to protect these resources from the advancing threat of climate change.

As a Coloradan and someone who cares a lot about our wildlife and public lands, I couldn’t be more pleased with our Senior United States Senator who is a true leader in Congress on addressing climate change, and a champion of clean energy and conservation.

Colorado Senator Champions Conservation and Clean Air

Senator Mark Udall
Senator Mark Udall
Listen to past generations tell of their outdoor childhoodsSenator Udall speaks on global warming, describing it as “one of the really true great challenges of our time.”

Senator Udall is an avid outdoorsman and serves on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee in the U.S. Senate, where he represents Coloradoans by voting in support of conservation programs and addressing climate change with clean energy and limits to carbon pollution.

He has an outstanding 97% lifetime conservation voting record with the League of Conservation Voters and recently stood up for our state with his votes for clean air during the debate over the budget in the Senate.

Climate Game Changer in Colorado

Listen to past generations tell of their outdoor childhoodsNWF senior scientists, Dr. Doug Inkley, describes how Colorado is in the bulls eye of climate change.

Last summer was a game changer in Colorado. As record-setting forest fires swept through our forests that had turned to kindling from drought and bark beetle infestation, air quality plummeted, and wildlife fled fires in their habitat—all a glimpse into a future that climate scientists warn could become the new normal in Colorado.

With the effects of climate change already taking a clear toll on public health, the environment, and wildlife habitats, we need action on the causes, including on U.S. power plants, which produce 40 percent of the carbon pollution that causes climate change.

Answering Coloradoans’ Questions on Climate

Listen to past generations tell of their outdoor childhoodsListen as Senator Mark Udall and NWF Senior Scientist Doug Inkley answer Coloradoans’ questions.

Senator Mark Udall answered Coloradoans’ questions, and share why he is a champion for conserving Colorado’s outdoor heritage.

Opportunity to Thank Sen. Udall’s Climate Leadership

Colorado’s great outdoors and wildlife is being threatened by industrial carbon pollution and Senator Udall has shown real leadership standing up to big polluters and voting for a clean budget that protects the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to put limits on industrial carbon pollution–which is critical as power plants in America contribute 40% of the carbon pollution that causes climate change.

Facebook LogoTake a moment to thank the senator for standing up for Colorado’s clean air, water and wildlife—leave a message on his Facebook wall saying “Thank you for being a leader on climate change and champion of both clean energy and conservation.”



Blog author Ann Morgan has worked with western public lands and resources for over 25 years in non-profits, government agencies and private industry.  She lead’s NWF’s Rocky Mountain and Prairies eleven state region helping to safeguard wildlife and connect families to the great outdoors.