Birthday Girl Celebrates with a Backyard Campout

Dyan SzallWhat did you do to celebrate your 12th birthday?

Dyan Szall from Georgia decided to spend it enjoying nature. She invited friends to go camping in her backyard.

She asked for donations to help wildlife as a birthday gift. She registered her campout as part of the Great American Backyard Campout at

“My mom, she was like looking around – she trying to get ideas that I didn’t necessarily like, like bowling and everything, and then she came across the National Wildlife Federation for the Great Backyard Campout thing – and so because it was just the day after my birthday, it was really easy for us to be “Oh, that’s perfect.” It’s right after my birthday. It was not hard to set up and everything. All my friends were really open to donating because I had gotten them into it and everything.”


Dyan Szall Puts Up Her TentFor most of Dyan’s friends, it was their first camping experience. Dyan camps often with her family, so she wanted to share the fun with her friends right in her own backyard. One thing that her family does on their camping trips is to look for campsites near horse stables, and to combine the excitement of horseback riding with a campout.

Why don’t you celebrate the outdoors this June 22 with the National Wildlife Federation at the Great American Backyard Campout!