Climate Progress Amid Billionaire Polluter Attacks

SmokeStackSunset_Dawn-Flick_219x219Recent reports have uncovered the vast scope of the climate-denial efforts that Charles and David Koch are funding. The “Koch Brothers” are spending tens of millions of dollars to block climate change legislation—funneling money into non-profits, foundations, and political organizations that spread their message of de-regulation and climate-denial.

The Koch Brothers’ are using their influence in Congress to try to block meaningful legislation on climate change. They have persuaded many members of Congress to sign a pledge to vote against any meaningful bill to combat climate change.

President’s Plan Marks Climate Progress

Despite obstacles created by the billionaire tycoons who are using their influence and vast resources to create obstacles, this summer marked a turning point in the fight for climate action.

In response to pressure from people like you, President Obama recently released a bold new plan to address climate change.  NWF President and CEO Larry Schweiger marked the importance of the President’s climate plan, noting that “President Obama is following through on his pledge to act and this is an important step in the journey to end industrial carbon pollution.”

The President’s plan includes supporting Environmental Protection Agency limits to carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants—and it is not a minute too soon for wildlife that are suffering the effects of climate change.

Congressional Attacks to Climate Action

Not only have over 100 members of Congress signed pledges backed by the Koch Brothers to oppose any meaningful climate legislation, some members of Congress are cooking up bills left and right that would get in the way of the Environmental Protection Agency being able to do its job.

Members of Congress who are allies of polluters have attacked comprehensive climate legislation, they are writing bills that attempt to block the Environmental Protection Agency from limiting carbon pollution under the Clean Air Act, and are trying to starve environmental agencies through the appropriations process by cutting their funding.

Though the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled multiple times that under the Clean Air Act the EPA must set limits on global warming pollution that endangers our health and future, some in Congress have not gotten the message and continue to try to stop the EPA from limiting pollution from coal-fired power plants.

Arctic Ice Melt Means Hunger for Polar Bears

Polar bear in Churchill - Alex Berger - Flickr
Wild polar bear. Photo by Alex Berger / Flickr
Meanwhile, record-breaking summer temperatures are melting away Arctic ice at alarming levels. And in response, Alaska’s polar bears are going without food for longer and longer.

Arctic ice hit a record low last summer—and it is looking bad again this year. Scientists expect polar bears will once again be forced to wait long into the fall before ice returns near Alaska where the bears so desperately need ice platforms to hunt for food.

The lengthening wait for sea ice to freeze is dire for polar bear cubs and the polar bear moms who need more time on the ice to hunt for enough seals to sustain themselves and their young.

Unless Big Polluters’ allies in Congress stop attacking the Environmental Protection Agency, the President may not be able to put his new plan into action.

Take ActionAct quickly–tell your members of Congress to let the Environmental Protection Agency do its job.