Save Wildlife One Chapter at a Time

When I was a child growing up in the urban wilds of Los Angeles, my favorite place was a local park with a natural hillside trail that my sisters, brothers and I explored.  One old eucalyptus tree always hosted a small family of woodpeckers and we thought it was our job to watch over and protect that nest.  We considered that small hillside our magical world and we spent hours outdoors running around and role playing.

Back then, I did not have T.A. Barron’s books to fuel my imagination like today’s readers do, but if I did, the narrative would have fit perfectly.


T.A. Barron, an award-winning, bestselling author of books about mythical lands, nature, ecological systems, and child protagonists has a new book coming out called Atlantis Rising. Tom’s great passion for the natural world and children’s place in it comes through in all his writings.  As does his belief in the power of the individual and the courage and leadership of young people.

In Atlantis Rising, a magical forest covers the island that is home to a wide variety of incredible and mysterious creatures with magical powers.  The author says “If that sounds like many magical and mysterious creatures on our own island called Earth, that’s no surprise.”

“The quest to save Atlantis and all its remarkable creatures is, I hope, reminiscent of the important quest to save our planet and all its species” Barron said. “If we can save our wildlife, we can also save ourselves.”

When T.A. Barron’s Facebook fans download the first chapter of his new book, he will donate $10 to conservation organizations, including the National Wildlife Federation.  Not only will readers get the jump-start on an exciting new adventure story, they will get to help protect wildlife like those woodpeckers my brothers and sisters and I watched over so long ago.

This “donations for downloads” campaign can be found at

Published: August 19, 2013