North Dakota Volunteers to Lead Conservation Campaign

Mule deer
Mule deer. Photo by Alan Vernon.
Volunteers in North Dakota are coming together to lead one of the most important conservation campaigns in the state’s history—which is critical to protect North Dakota’s wildlife and conserve the lands on which they depend.

Whether they have enjoyed hiking in the Badlands or hunting in the Prairie Pothole Region or catching a walleye or two in Devils Lake, National Wildlife Federation supporters understand the importance of protecting our cherished natural areas for future generations.

But, it is no secret that North Dakota is changing rapidly. Wildlife are at risk from escalating development, climate change, and other threats harming our clean water and natural places. That’s why wildlife need our help getting the North Dakota Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment on the 2014 ballot.

North Dakota Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment

The North Dakota Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment would dedicate a small portion of the state’s existing oil and gas taxes to protect North Dakota’s clean water and lands for future generations. While oil and gas development brings many benefits to our state, including jobs and millions in tax revenue, there are impacts. We have a unique opportunity right now to invest a small portion of those funds to:

  • Protect our clean water in our rivers, lakes and streams
  • Create parks and other areas for recreation, hunting and fishing
  • Provide more opportunities and places for our children to learn about and enjoy the outdoors
  • Protect our communities and private property from flooding by improving natural floods controls
  • Protect wildlife and fish habitat

The North Dakota Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment will not increase North Dakotans’ taxes and will not take away funding from local communities most affected by the oil boom.

North Dakota’s Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Campaign is supported by a coalition of concerned citizens and leading conservation organizations, including National Wildlife Federation, Pheasants Forever, The Nature Conservancy, Ducks Unlimited, and Audubon Society. To qualify for the November 2014 ballot, volunteers like us must gather 40,000 signatures.

Many in North Dakota may recall a possible measure from 2012, called the North Dakota Clean Water, Lands and Outdoor Heritage amendment. That measure did not qualify for the ballot due to fraud committed by paid signature gatherers. Those individuals took away our chance to protect our clean water, land and outdoor heritage in 2012, but we have a new opportunity now to right that wrong. This time our goal is to run an all-volunteer signature gathering effort to ensure we make the ballot.

Join the Team in North Dakota

Conservation is absolutely necessary to protect our cherished and valuable natural areas.

If you live in North Dakota and want to help protect North Dakota’s wildlife, water and land for future generations by gathering signatures, join the team!  Just email Dave Dittloff, NWF’s Regional Representative for North Dakota and visit to learn more.

Gatherings across North Dakota are are happening in the coming weeks to help kick off the campaign to pass the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment:

Grand Forks Kick-Off Meeting & Training
Tuesday, September 10, 7pm
University of North Dakota Memorial Union – Room 204, 2901 University Ave, park in the UND parking ramp (map)

Bismarck Kick-Off Meeting & Training
Thursday, September 12, 7pm
Ducks Unlimited – Conference Center, 2525 River Road, parking available at the Ducks Unlimited facility (map)

Fargo Kick-Off Meeting & Training
Tuesday, September 17, 7pm
Downtown Fargo Public Library, 102 3rd Street N, parking available in the library/civic center parking lot (map)

Please email me to RSVP and attend a meeting to help protect North Dakota’s clean water and lands for future generations, conserve critical natural areas, and protect wildlife in our state!