Photo donated by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Tim Wolcott.
Photo donated by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Tim Wolcott.
The Environmental Protection Agency is taking steps to restore protections for many of our nation’s most vulnerable wetlands and streams, and the EPA wants to tell you about it and hear what you have to say.

That’s why we’re asking everyone who is on Twitter to join the Environmental Protection Agency’s Twitter chat on Tuesday May 13th from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Eastern Time.

To follow the chat, go to the @EPAwater account on Twitter. You can participate by retweeting @EPAwater‘s tweets, asking questions about the proposal to protect wetlands and streams, or tweeting the supportive  tweets below.  By using the hashtag #protectcleanwater it will be clear where you stand!

It’s a critical time to show your support for proposal to restore Clean Water Act protections to small streams and wetlands, because the Environmental Protection Agency is coming under attack from polluters. 

Retweet these Tweets!

You can share the tweets below to show your support for protections to small wetlands and streams that otters, fish, moose and many more wildlife depend on to make their river systems healthy and clean.

Twitter55% of our stream + river miles are in “poor” condition. Thank you @EPA for your action to #ProtectCleanWater #USwaters – Tweet This!


TwitterIn just 5 years, the US lost about 80,000 acres of coastal wetlands. @EPA proposal can help. #USwaters – Tweet This!


TwitterThanks @EPA for taking action to protect drinking water for 117m Americans. #protectcleanwater #USwaters- Tweet This


TwitterNew @EPAwater rule would protect 2 million miles of streams not clearly covered by #CleanWaterAct. #USWaters – Tweet This!


TwitterThanks for choosing to #Protectcleanwater @EPA, What will you do to protect other #USwaters? Tweet This!


TwitterStreams not clearly protected by #CleanWaterAct provide drinking water for 117M Americans. #USwaters
Tweet This!


Take ActionNot on Twitter? You can still take action to show your support for protecting wetlands and streams for otters and more wildlife that depend on healthy habitats and clean water.