Wildlife Encounters: Too Close For Conan!

BBOink oink! The giant Russian boar proved that he was not going to the bore the audience on David Mizejewski’s most recent Conan appearance! With large tusks, the fearsome wild pig could easily gore a human, but this boar was only on the hunt for the pig feed in Conan’s hand.

Returning for another wild appearance, NWF Naturalist David Mizejewski visited the Conan Show with some of his exotic animal friends that included an egg-eating snake, an Asian leopard kitten, a nine-banded armadillo, an owl monkey, and a large South American rodent called a paca.

Each animal had their own unique personality and definitely showed off their wild characteristics in the segment. In particular, the owl monkey was a little camera-shy—watch below to see how he tried to escape!



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Published: June 23, 2014