National Wildlife Week: Indianapolis’ KathyQ Introduces Social Media for Peregrine Falcons

Indianapolis’ location along the Mississippi Flyway allows its residents to help provide habitats for migratory birds traveling along the river. The Indiana Wildlife Federation, located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, works for wildlife by promoting sustainability and the wise use of our natural resources, including support of reintroduction efforts for bird species like the peregrine falcon.

Peregrine falcon KathyQ
Photo of Indianapolis, Indiana resident peregrine falcon KathyQ, taken by Shari Jardina and shared on Kathy’s Facebook page
The phenomenal success story of the reintroduction of these amazing raptors and their successful adaptation to an urban setting has been applauded by falcon-loving Hoosiers. On any given day, Indiana residents can enjoy close-up views of their favorite peregrine nesting pairs from webcams in Indianapolis and South Bend.

One of Indianapolis’ resident peregrine falcons, KathyQ, lives and nests atop a downtown building. She even has her own Facebook profile with regular updates on her activities. Using technology to share these wildlife stories helps residents connect with the wildlife that is living all around them.

The Indiana Wildlife Federation also works to connect people with nature through their “What’s in Your WILD Backyard” programs, which offer fun and engaging ways to enhance natural habitat in even the smallest backyard, teaching that simple, small changes can have a huge benefit for butterflies, birds, and other wildlife. The wildlife-friendly habitat training offered through the Federation’s programs also support the smaller birds that falcons depend on for food.  IWF’s diverse programs also promote hunting, fishing, wildlife and bird watching and other outdoor activities where Hoosiers are able to enjoy and benefit from the state’s natural resources.

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Indianapolis was recently named one of the Top 10 Cities for Wildlife as part of the National Wildlife Week 2015 Celebration. Did your city make the grade?