Top Six Reasons to Invest in the Delaware River Basin

The Delaware River is a rich part of our natural world and a national treasure. Investing in restoration and protection of the river is important for many reasons. Counting down, here are the top six reasons to help the Delaware River basin. Drum roll please…

6. It’s an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts

Paddling, camping, swimming, boating, biking are all possible on or around the Delaware River. The Upper Delaware River also has incredible trout fishing. Wildlife associated recreation employs over 44,000 jobs with $1.5 billion in wages in the basin.

5. It protects us from the impacts of climate change

Along the Mid-Atlantic, coast storms like Hurricane Sandy are increasing in frequency and severity due to climate change. Marshes, dunes and living shorelines along the Delaware River and coast can help protect wildlife and coastal communities from the impacts of these storms.

4. Spending time along the Delaware makes us happy

It is scientifically proven that nature makes us happy and kinder individuals! Exploring the Delaware River’s 13,000 square mile basin is certainly a great way to feel empowered and at peace.

Bald eagles rely on the DE River Basin for fish. Photo by Sridhar Iyer, National Wildlife Photo Contest
Bald eagles rely on the DE River Basin for fish. Photo by Sridhar Iyer, National Wildlife Photo Contest

3. It’s a wildlife haven

In addition to the Delaware Bay acting as some of the most important migratory bird habitat in the world, the Delaware boasts incredible fish, shorebird and horseshoe crab populations. Cape May, New Jersey is even home to the World Series of Birding!

2. It provides the drinking water for 15 million people

More than 15 million people receive their drinking water from the Delaware River basin, including residents of Philadelphia and New York City.

And the number one reason to invest in the Delaware:

1. We can make a difference for wildlife and communities in the Delaware River Basin

Investing in the Delaware River is possible. A bill before the U.S. Congress would create the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and provide $5 million for restoration and protection efforts.

Congressional champions recognize the importance of the watershed for all of the above. Along with its historical importance, a study from the University of Delaware calls the Delaware River basin “an economic engine” that contributes $25 billion in annual economic activity.

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