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Use These Groovy Tunes to Teach Students About Wildlife

As the new school year begins for many schools across the country, we’re encouraging teachers to incorporate environmental education into their lesson plans. To help increase student engagement, we have a fun way to teach conservation education inside and outside of the classroom – through music!

whizpops front coverThanks to The Whizpops’ CD, Ranger Rick Trail Mix Volume 1, kids (and adults) can learn more about wildlife that need our help such as bison, monarchs, and pika. Along with the catchy educational lyrics, teachers can also pair the songs with some of the National Wildlife Federation’s lesson plans. This will engage auditory, kinesthetic, and traditional learners.

Help your students get into the groove of conservation and encourage educators in your school community to incorporate these lesson plans, or see if you can even facilitate them at home!

Endangered Species: What and Where?

Black-footed ferret. Photo by J. Michael Lockhart, USFWS

Human activities have greatly accelerated the rate of extinction worldwide. In order to better protect the remaining endangered and threatened species such as the black-footed ferret and California condor, this lesson will help students learn about various North American endangered species through creation of a species book. Older students will locate endangered species on a map and explore their habitat requirements.

Grade levels: K – 8

Lesson Plan



This lesson plan connects to the song Extinction is Forever. Click play to listen now!


Bison Mystery Box

Bison roaming in Yellowstone National Park. Photo by Abby Barber

The National Wildlife Federation works to conserve bison populations in Yellowstone National Park and to restore our national mammal to its rightful place at the center of Native American culture. This lesson helps students feel like a part of the effort by giving them the opportunity to investigate the many uses of bison in Native American culture.

Grade levels: K – 8

Lesson Plan



This lesson plan connects to the song Bison. Click play to listen now!

Plants and Animals of the Arctic

Polar bear. Photo by Susanne Miller, USFWS

Polar bear. Photo by Susanne Miller, USFWS

The Arctic is home to wildlife like polar bears and walruses that are adapted to take advantage of the unique climate. In this lesson, students will create an arctic food web to understand the feeding connections and social relationships between tundra plants and animals.

Grade levels: K – 8

Lesson Plan



This lesson plan connects to the song Polar Bears. Click play to listen now!


RangerRickLogoDefaultOrder The Whizpops’ CD Now and start grooving while you learn!

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