Make This the Best Week for Wildlife – #10WildlifeChampions

National Wildlife Week kicks into gear today. Will you join us in our big push for 10 members of the House of Representatives to commit THIS WEEK to support and co-sponsor the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act? From warblers singing their hearts out in the treetops to rare and elusive red foxes scampering the Sierra Nevada mountains, wildlife at-risk across America need us more than ever.

This wildlife-saving bill crosses all political divides to address the crisis facing so many species before it’s too late.  Sadly, one third-of America’s fish and wildlife species face serious risks to survival. Thousands of species are losing ground fast—unless we step up on their behalf. Start National Wildlife Week now: PLEASE TAKE 30 SECONDS TO ACT

Act Now
Sierra Nevada red fox
Sierra Nevada red foxes are a subspecies of red fox that occur naturally in the high mountain habitats of the Oregon Cascades south into northern California, and in the Sierra Nevada of California. They are rapidly declining with their habitat threatened by logging, off-road and over-snow vehicles, livestock grazing and the impacts of climate change. Photo NPS.

We’re proud to report a growing list of Republican and Democrat wildlife champions in the House of Representatives, signing up to support the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, introduced by Representatives Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) and Debbie Dingell (D-MI).

Is your Congressional Representative signed on yet? If yes, please send a note of thanks. If not, tell them THIS is the week to sign on for wildlife.

Check here for the list so far of wildlife champions that are supporting this life-saving bill and take action.

As you begin National Wildlife Week, look outside your home or office window wherever you are. Honor the wildlife in your life—from peregrine falcons diving for pigeons in cities to the chickadees at your feeder. Show your love for wildlife in daily actions where you live—whether planting a native wildflower for pollinators or taking school kids on a nature walk.

At the same time, work for passage of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act. Working together, we can pass legislation that will accelerate and magnify every personal action. States will receive a portion of the $1.3 billion annually slated to save our irreplaceable wildlife and the homes they depend upon. The funding comes from a sliver of existing annual revenues received by the federal government.

cerulean warbler
The cerulean warbler is a beautiful small blue bird found in the treetops of forests throughout much of the eastern US. However, this shy species suffered a 75 percent decline between 1996 and 2012 , one of the steepest decline of any warbler species.

Your state stands ready to put every dollar to efficient use without delay. State Wildlife Action Plans are already in place—ready to fully conserve and recover wildlife now before we are forced to take expensive, last-ditch emergency measures.

Thanks for making this the BEST week ever for wildlife. #10WildlifeChampions