The Benefits of Partnerships – How Beesponsible is Helping NWF Save Pollinators

When we at the National Wildlife Federation look for ways to achieve success in a rapidly changing world one simple ingredient is key: partnerships.

The best way to make progress in today’s political climate is to combine resources and work together to accomplish a shared goal. By working hand in hand with partner organizations we can maximize our effectiveness by playing off each other’s strengths, gaining additional resources, and reaching a larger audience. That is precisely why the National Wildlife Federation has teamed up with Beesponsible®, a Kansas-grown movement to celebrate the deep connection we share with bees and inspire people to do something to help them.

In March, NWF and Beesponsible® announced the launch of ‘Don’t Kill My Buzz’, a social advocacy campaign aimed at reversing the decline of bee populations and promoting bee-friendly, pesticide-free gardening and conservation efforts.

The partnership was inspired by last year’s decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to add the first bumble bee (the rusty patched bumble bee) to the endangered species list as part of the U.S. Endangered Species Act. This was a big step for pollinators, as insects are underrepresented on the endangered species list.

Support from Beesponsible® will assist with our pollinator friendly programs, such as our Garden for Wildlife efforts to educate and empower people to create natural gardens and landscapes that restore bee habitat by using native plants and avoiding pesticides. To date, the program has reached millions and we’ve recognized over 220,000 of these natural gardens as Certified Wildlife Habitats. Support from Beesponsible® is also allowing us to create a new community toolkit that provides resources and a roadmap for municipal leaders to create more naturally-managed green spaces in their communities. With the support of Beesponsible® we’ll be able to reach even more people and inspire them to create bee-friendly habitats within our cities, towns and neighborhoods.

The Beesponsible® partnership as an example of how we can engage more people in pollinator conservation. Discussion around declining bee populations doesn’t have to focus solely on agriculture and policy. Teaming up has been a big boon to getting the word out through a fun new campaign that empowers the public to join the cause and make a difference in their own backyard.

What makes this campaign wonderful is how easy it is for people to get involved. If NWF alone established this campaign it would be a great initiative, but when NWF and Beesponsible® launch it together, the initiative becomes a movement, and considering the urgent plight of bees and other pollinators, a movement is exactly what we need to reverse species decline.

We need people to feel involved. We need them to feel engaged, invested and, most importantly, responsible – responsible for their role in conservation and for the future of wildlife in this country.

We all make a difference, good or bad, and the work we at NWF can accomplish with Beesponsible® helps us to reach an even bigger audience to spread these important messages and engage Americans from every corner of the nation.