National Wildlife Week

NWF   |   April 21, 2007

Did you know that the average American child spends 6 hours a day in front of the television or playing video games?  We should all be worried about that.  Kids today are spending far too much time indoors and are not connecting with nature. If this keeps up we won’t be building the next generation of conservation leaders.

There’s something you can do.  National Wildlife starts this Sunday April 22 and goes through April 30.  Take some time this week and get your families, friends, and yourself outside.  Help reconnect yourself and your family to nature.  Join the National Wildlife Watch. Download a Watch list of wildlife in your neighborhood, take a walk in your favorite outdoor spot, and see how many animals you can find. Come back and post your findings on National Wildlife Federation’s NatureQuestSM site. Participate in an environmental service project in your community: Help create healthy habitats, connect people with nature, and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases leading to global warming-or design your own project. And for wildlife-watching inspiration, be sure to tune in to the premiere of Springwatch USA on the Animal Planet network, Saturday, April 21st. To learn more about National Wildlife Week, National Wildlife Watch, and community service projects, visit

Go outside and have fun.  Your kids won’t remember the time they spent watching television, but they will remember the time they spend with you reconnecting to nature.

Published: April 21, 2007