Time to Start Building an Ark, Seattle?

NWF’s latest and greatest report, Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Habitats in the Pacific Northwest, is getting news hits all over the place, including the Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Tacoma News Tribune, The Olympian and many other regional papers.

The report says that it is likely the Pacific Northwest coast will see a significant rise in sea-level–anywhere from 20-56 inches by 2100 if global warming is left unchecked.

“But wait,” you say, “20-56 inches that doesn’t sound bad.”

“But wait,” I say, “That is 20-56 inches of vertical rise, which translates into many many feet when you talk horizontal loss of land.”

Check out more about the report at www.nwf.org/sealevelrise–and don’t miss the cool Flash animation of how sea-level rise will impact habitats!