Black BearWildlife and the people who love them recently scored a huge victory when the EPA finalized their decision to veto the controversial Yazoo Backwaters Pumps Project. The success will help protect 20% of the nation’s duck population that migrates through the area and spare taxpayers a $220 million bill!

The area also contains the wetlands where Theodore Roosevelt famously refused to shoot a Louisiana Black Bear that had been tied to a tree–an action that sparked the creation of the teddy bear.

For almost 70 years, sportsmen and residents in Louisiana and Mississippi have fought the Army Corps of Engineers’ project for the threats it posed to wildlife refuges and national forests. Their efforts were also supported by more than 45,000 National Wildlife Federation activists who sent in public comments to the Environmental Protection Agency protesting the project’s efforts.

In an age of global warming, these wetlands need to be protected now more then ever.

Mississippi’s wetlands not only maintain a healthy population of wildlife in the area and nationally, but also protect residents from the increased flooding and harsh weather that comes with global warming.

The Yazoo project, sometimes called the “monster that won’t die,” is officially dead. Thanks to all of you who helped us achieve this historic victory.

Let’s keep up the fight to protect wildlife!