Deutsche Bank Asset Management: Climate Change Is A Huge Investment Opportunity

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Deutsche Bank Asset Management (DeAM) last week published
a research paper
urging governments to invest heavily in climate change
mitigation despite the current financial crisis.

DeAM’s Global Climate Change Investment Research team
authored Investing In Climate Change 2009—Necessity and Opportunity In
Turbulent Times. The research paper argues that the accelerating pace of global
warming (see “Highlight of the Week”) requires action that also provides
opportunity in this period of global economic struggle. Governmental spending
on efficient green infrastructure will serve as an economic stimulus. 

“The current crisis is making the necessity of tackling
climate change an opportunity to stimulate growth through investment
opportunities,” said Mark Fulton, DeAM’s Global Head of Climate Change
Investment Research. “Encouraging investment in renewable energy is a key
focus. Energy efficiency technologies are obviously highly desirable in
economies facing recession.”

Kevin Parker, Global Head of Deutsche Bank’s Asset
Management division and a member of the Bank’s Group Executive Committee says
in the report that new research shows carbon in the atmosphere has reached an 800,000
year high and immediate action is essential. “Severe though it is, the current
financial crisis can eventually be fixed, and should not be used as an excuse
for inaction,” Parker said.


Published: October 28, 2008