ClimateEdu: New Solar Tech, Curriculum, and Bike-shares

NWF   |   January 27, 2009

Our latest issue is live. Here are today's headlines:

Is There Room for Sustainability in Every Classroom?

Faculty are finding new ways to incorporate issues of ecology, natural resources, social justice and human behavior into their classes, even those not in the environmental sciences.

Overcoming Solar's Challenges with a New Technology
A research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has invented a cheaper method for harnessing solar energy, using a tinted dye that could efficiently absorb and spread energy across the surface of glass panes.

Students Follow the Yellow Bike Road
After a few false starts, bike-sharing programs are springing up in cities and on college campuses around the world, with each finding its own way to get people out of cars for the forty percent of trips in the United States that are less than two miles long.

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Published: January 27, 2009