Happy 100th Birthday, Green Hour!

I hope somebody baked us a cake! 100 weeks ago, the National Wildlife Federation launched Green Hour, a weekly online publication for parents to help families get outside again. Chock full of activities, inspiration, and ideas, Green Hour is a one-stop shop for backyard adventures, nature discovery, and unstructured play.

Girl_monarchThink about your favorite childhood memories: Playing outdoors, catching fireflies, wading in a creek, climbing a tree, or camping out under the stars. Or, how about your first fishing trip, planting a garden, sledding, or spotting your first birds nest? What would your childhood have been like without those experiences? Who would you be today without them?

Those are questions we ask ourselves every week at GREENHOUR.ORG. The answers inspire and guide our work, and inspire the actions of our readers.

Join us. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. A teacher, a friend, or a community leader. Each of us has a part to play in helping America’s kids go outside and discover the wonders of nature. It’s time to unplug, connect, and get a little dirty! Come on — there are holes to be dug, leaves to be collected, and birds to be watched. Not to mention, stones to be skipped, trails to be hiked, and campfire songs to be sung!

Now, step away from the computer and go outside and play. Oh, and next time you see somebody who looks a little stressed out or is in a bad mood, ask them, “Have you had your Green Hour today?!”

Published: February 4, 2009