Children and the Outdoors: NWF Unveils Comprehensive State Policy Solutions Guide

The National Wildlife Federation today released the
comprehensive Children and the Outdoors State Policy Solutions Guide.
This document reviews leading state policy initiatives and provides policy
makers with model solutions to the growing disconnect between children and the
natural world.

the past two decades, the time children spend outside has fallen by 50 percent,
and the rate of adolescent obesity has tripled. Reconnecting children with
nature is a solution to many of the developmental, health-related and
educational problems faced by children today.

Children and the Outdoors State Policy Solutions Guide contains model
resolutions, executive orders, and legislation that will aid efforts to
reconnect children and families with nature. Solutions to the problems
associated with an indoor generation must include providing youth with structured and unstructured opportunities for
outdoor play, recreation, and learning. To view the full guide, visit the NWF newsroom.

Published: April 1, 2009