Help Protect Wildlife Threatened by Alien Invasion

Speak up for Native Wildlife!For centuries, America’s wildlife and wild places have been under threat from the ongoing introduction of non-native plant and animal species into our country’s ecosystems.

As one example, back in 1869 the European Gypsy Moth was brought into the US. Since then, the moth has spread out over half the country, decimating hundreds of thousands of acres of white oak forests.

Unfortunately, the gypsy moth is just one of many invasive species that harm wild places in the country and compete with native wildlife over resources. Not only do they threaten native plants and animals, but they can be a huge economic burden to agriculture, forestry, fish industries and more.

It’s no wonder that currently a Congressional committee is considering legislation that would protect America’s native wildlife and wild places from invasive species. This bill would strengthen our wildlife import laws, which is critical to protecting our native wildlife from future invasive species.

Please speak up for the plants and animals in your neighborhood today by asking your representative to support the Non-native Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act.