Glacier National ParkKen Burns’ 12-hour series on National Parks is turning a lot of attention towards America’s treasured wilderness and natural wonders.

From Mount Rainier to the Everglades, our national parks exist because of our past commitment to conservation.

Now we’re being called on again to make sure our national parks make it to the next generation.

This Thursday, Oct.1, Americans from coast to coast will be calling their U.S. senators to urge for a climate and clean energy bill that protects our parks, public lands and the many other wonders of the natural world that we cherish.

As climate change is already impacting our wildlife and landscapes, America’s outdoor and nature enthusiasts are raising the voice for their protection.

Let us know if we can count on you to make the call too.

Former deputy Interior Secretary Lynn Scarlett put it well:

“As conservation islands, our parks were a triumph of foresight. But islands they no longer are. Their continued protection requires conservation partnerships — partnerships to address conservation challenges that transcend park borders.”

And it’s true. What you do in your life has an impact on our national parks, even the ones that are thousands of miles away from where you live.

So, tell your friends and family that this Thursday, October 1, is the day to speak up for our national parks and demand a cleaner and healthier natural world.

Let us know that you can make the call by leaving a comment below this post and telling us which cherished landscape or national park will be inspiring you to make the call.