Help NWF and get your video on YouTube’s homepage

Youtube LOVE wildlife, animals and nature? We do too!  National Wildlife Federation's mission, simply put, is to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future.

This month YouTube has teamed up with actor Ben Stein to help animals. We need fellow wildlife lovers to be part of our mission by making their own fun or inspirational videos on behalf of NWF as part of YouTube’s Video Volunteers program.  The deadline for video submissions is October 22nd.

Winning videos will appear on YouTube's homepage.  Your video can help NWF raise awareness about wildlife!

Get Started!

  1. Read the complete contest rules here.
  2. Learn more about NWF and read our Video Tips (see below).
  3. Grab your video camera and your creativity and start shooting your video for NWF.
  4. Edit your video. Your video must be under 3 minutes.  
  5. Go to YouTube’s Video Volunteer page, click on submit and upload your video no later than October 22nd.
  6. Grab the family, watch your video and smile – knowing you had fun, created lasting memories and helped a good cause! 

Learn More about NWF

Want a little more background on NWF?  Try these links:

Video Tips

Here are some tips for making your video:

  • It’s okay to have fun, get a little crazy and be creative!
  • You don't need to be an actor, just be yourself.
  • Show us as well as tell us what you think about wildlife.  Action is good.
  • Short and sweet is good when it comes to videos.  Three minutes is the limit.
  • If you have kids or animals in the video, get down on their level to shoot them.

Need Inspiration?

Here are some questions to think about if you're having trouble coming up with an idea for your video:

  • NWF focuses on wild animals and so should your video.  Why are wild animals important to you?
  • What is your favorite kind of wildlife and why?  What's the coolest, most beautiful, strangest or inspiring wild animal for you?
  • Why do people like cute and cuddly wild animals better than scaly, slimy or many-legged ones?
  • What is your favorite childhood memory of being outside in nature? What were the smells, the sights, the feelings you experienced? What wild animals did you see and/or enjoy watching? What wild animals do you or your kids enjoy seeing in your backyard?
  • Why do you care about protecting wild animals?  What are the biggest threats to wildlife and what should we do about them?
  • Do you have any photos, poems, drawings, songs, costumes or even wild animal imitations that you want to share in your video?
  • What is your most memorable wildlife experience?

Good luck!  We can't wait to see all of your videos!

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Published: October 5, 2009